Saturday, March 7, 2009

So lately..

Lately I've been going thru a lot of problems and stuff so I haven't been able to update my youtube account but I just wanna say that LIFE is about LEARNING and taking advantage of all the things.


  1. I hope you come back to youtube soon we miss you:)

    Hope everything works out for are such a sweet person..remember that you have a long life left your young..everything will work out

  2. girl they'll be mad haters everywhere.

  3. lol.. although your groupie list is NUTS.. i like mami's who keep it real ALL DAY. And i get that vibe from you.. imma follow your blog and show you some love. And mami, when it comes to haters, you gotta love em because thats when you know your doing something right! You better start worrying when you dont got haters lol... keep doing your thing.. i love your accent and you make me DIE OF LAUGHTER!

  4. check out&follow my blogg

    its worth reading i promiseee;;)